7 Essentials You Must Always Gear Up With When Camping


Anyone who has ever gone camping knows that there’s a list of things one must always bring. Maybe you always went camping with your friends or parents who always took care of the must-haves for the group. If you’re going camping, but alone this time, or as the adult or leader of the group, it’s crucial to gear up with the best items that could mean your convenience, safety, or even survival.

Some pros and adventure-seekers stay a few nights in the woods, while others may choose to sit by a riverside. That, for them, is already camping. Regardless of your definition of camping, we’ll cover essentials from snacks to a comfy rocking camp chair to appreciate the scenery wherever you settle. Get ready to gear up with these seven camping essentials!

  1. Fun snacks

Like other people, you may feel like preparing your food when you arrive at the campsite. It’s reasonable because nothing beats the experience of cooking at the campsite for your next meal. However, if you’re up against a lengthy trail, you or your company may, at some point, blurt out about their rumbling tummies. You’ll never know which of your friends skipped breakfast or lunch before the trip!

That said, it’s crucial to bring snacks with you. The classic trail mix or dried beef jerky may seem like everybody’s go-to option, but it would be nice to consider alternatives since some may be allergic to nuts and others, may not be big fans of raisins. If you feel like being extra considerate, it’s thoughtful to ask who among your mates is vegan so you could prepare snacks and other options that everyone would enjoy. Otherwise, at least try to pack extra, like another chicken sandwich or munchies for yourself or someone who didn’t bring enough for themself.

  1. First aid kit

Here’s a no-brainer item that any camper should never take for granted. If you’re lucky, you’ll never have to use it–but it would be wise to equip yourself to be ready for the inevitable. And on any camping trip, it’s expected to deal with cuts from thick trails, scratches from rocks or craggy passageways, or bruises from little accidents. 

First aid kits are lifesavers, including bandages and disinfectants to dress wounds to tweezers that can help remove thorns. Some may even include iodine, so in emergencies, when you run out of drinking water, you can purify available water from rivers or streams. A first aid kit is worth buying because it will be challenging or impossible to improvise when you’re out in nature. It will also provide relief or temporary comfort until medical help is available.

  1. Flashlight or headlamp

Not everyone is afraid of the dark, but even so, you must be afraid of camping out without a reliable light source. Flashlights or headlamps will provide excellent visibility, especially at nightfall. You wouldn’t want to rely on your phone as a flashlight as it will drain your juice faster, especially when you could better use it in emergencies where communication is crucial. A modern flashlight is often reliable for long-term use.

Go for one with a built-in battery so you can charge it with a mini-USB cable whenever it runs out of power. A stable light source can help you and your loved ones are safe from dangers outdoors, especially after sundown.

  1. Sharp knives

We all know the knife as a culinary tool in the kitchen. However, knives allow you to do much more in the woods or outdoors if you know how to use them–especially when camping. A sharp knife is handy for slicing through meat or any ingredients for camp-out dinners, cutting sticks and ropes, and even starting a fire. Strike the knife against any rock with a sharp edge, and you can create fire for cooking or, in emergency scenarios, call for help. Whether or not it’s a pocket knife, as long as it’s sharp, it will be helpful in any situation that calls for it.

  1. Water bottles

It is possible to purify water from a river or stream. Just add five drops of iodine to a liter of clear water or ten drops to cloudy water, wait thirty minutes, and you can enjoy clean drinking water. But would you want to take chances? If you’re new to the trail, you won’t find a river or water source. If you have the time to prepare, dedicate extra space in your backpack for a water bottle or two. 

Clean drinking water and taking regular sips on the trail will prevent you from experiencing dehydration. Avoid drinks with alcohol or caffeine because they are diuretics! Even though they could give you a nice energy boost, such drinks tend to make you pee more than you should! So stay dehydrated by packing a water bottle with you filled with clean drinking water.

  1. Heavy-duty power bank

More than just charging phones, power banks can recharge anything with a built-in battery. Such devices include smartphones, fitness watches, portable fans, and flashlights. Your 10,000 (mAh) power bank may not be enough, considering the multiple devices you need to recharge throughout your camping trip. That said, invest in a heavy-duty power bank. 

As long as its capacity is 100,000mAh or more, it is portable and designed for the outdoors—you should have no worries. You may even score great deals–rugged power banks, water, and dust-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about their durability, especially during harsh camping conditions.

  1. Rocking camp chair

Last but not least, every camping trip deserves a reward–the chance to immerse in nature and the sights it offers. And what better way to savor this than with a rocking chair meant for camping? Rocking camp chairs are incredibly lightweight, making them convenient to carry even on long trails. Once you arrive or find a gorgeous stopover spot, all that’s left to do is unfold that rocking chair and take it all in.


Camping should always be fun and can be with a bit of preparedness. If you don’t gear up, you can still get lucky with a smooth sailing trip. But as the saying goes, “Prepare to fail if you fail to prepare.” Anyway, we hope you enjoyed reading along and learned something.

Check out Storables.com if you want that rocking camp chair and other neat storage solutions. We appreciate you sticking around, and happy camping!

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