8 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know that Was Used In Fashion


The world of fashion is highly dynamic. Trends come and go every other day, but some items, fabrics, and styles never seem to go out of style. Aside from the glitz and glamor, much creativity and ingenuity go into creating products and materials we wear. You would be surprised to know some of the amazing things used in fashion today.

If you are interested in knowing more about the world of fashion, you have come to the right place. Join us as we dive deeper into the world of fashion and talk about the most simple yet innovative things used in modern fashion.

1. Tape

Well, these are not your traditional adhesive tapes. Instead, you will see a lot of garment tape, custom printed tapes, and mobilon tapes.

Unlike the other two, garment tapes have been around for centuries. Back in the day, when we didn’t have sewing machines, garment tapes were used to give a nice finished look to a hand-woven product. Nowadays, garment tapes are used as pipings to provide an edge on garment pieces like sleeveless shirts, skirts, and borders of collars and pockets. The tape hides the hemstitch well and looks pretty too.

Another type of garment tape is the seam tape. These are adhesive and waterproof. Seam tapes are popular in the world of watersports. They are used in all garments, fabrics, and items used in watersports.

Lastly, the custom printed tape may not be used directly in the fabric or material. But it is widely used as a branding tool in packaging. As the name suggests, you can customize the print on the tape and use a custom logo to ensure that your brand is recognized from the moment it leaves your sight till it reaches your customers.

2. Rubber

The tubes inside bicycles, cars, and trucks are usually burnt or incinerated in plants. However, designers worldwide use this material to make handbags, purses, and mobile covers. Sure, it’s not the most amazing thing to look at but the durability of rubber ensures that the product lasts for a very long time.

3. Wooden Bags and Purse

Wooden trunks and crates are common, but wooden purses and bags are definitely things you don’t see every day. A lot of work and time is put into creating wooden accessories. Now, don’t get us wrong. These purses or bags are not entirely made out of wood. A veneer is used as the exterior side and for the interiors, leather is used. Both of them are carefully glued using special adhesives.

Wooden purses and bags offer minimalistic designs and a unique rustic look.

4. Milk Garment Products

Milk can be good for your bones and skin, but who knew you could even make clothes out of milk. Sounds unreal, but it’s true. A unique fiber, currently known as milk fiber, can be created from casein powder found in milk. Of course, other ingredients are also mixed to create the fiber, but the fiber’s base is milk.

Milk fiber can be infused with other materials to create a soft and smooth textured material. For most cases, acrylonitrile, an organic compound, is mixed with milk fiber to make acrylic fiber. Don’t get this acrylic confused with acrylic paint used on signs for businesses. The acrylic fiber infused with milk fiber can be used to make fleece, jumpers, and even sportswear. Don’t get this acrylic confused with acrylic paint used on signs for businesses.

Not only is this an innovative way to create fiber, but it also helps reduce milk waste.

5. Dresses Made of Chocolate

Since you can make clothes out of milk, why not even use chocolates? The Salon du Chocolat held in Paris, is an annual event in which designers showcase dresses made of actual chocolate!

French models and celebrities grace the event’s opening show in stunning chocolate dresses. The dresses are only used for this special occasion, and you won’t see them elsewhere.

6. Squid Protein

This might be a bizarre one, but it’s actually very creative. Engineers and architects have always taken inspiration from nature’s work. Now, textile engineers are following the same path.

A group of scientists from Pennsylvania State University has discovered a protein in a squid’s ring teeth that can be used as a coating to create recyclable, biodegradable garment products.

7. Natural Fiber Lyocell

When we rinse and wash our clothes, many microfibers get torn apart and released into waterways. These microfibers are detrimental to marine flora and fauna. Natural fibers are a much better alternative. One such natural fiber is Lyocell. Lyocell is found in the cellulose of wood pulp.

The fiber itself is biodegradable, and the production process also requires a very low carbon footprint. The finished product is a synthetic fiber that can be used instead of cotton. Because of its organic nature, it can also be used as a substitute for polyester. The fiber is soft and smooth to the touch and is used to make eco-friendly shirts, t-shirts, underwear, and towels.

8. Fruit Leather

When we hear the word leather, we immediately think of animals. But leather can also be made from fruit. Although this artificial leather is not as durable as animal leather, it’s gaining quite the popularity as a sustainable alternative to animal leather.

The leather is made from the pulp of pineapple leaves. The production also does not need any toxic chemicals. The leftovers can be used as fertilizer. Overall the entire production is eco-friendly. Bags, purses, shirts, shoes, wallets and phone covers can be made from pineapple leather. 

Final Thoughts

The fashion industry is always changing, and it’s impossible to keep in touch at all times. We do hope our article was insightful in showing you a more creative side of the fashion industry.

Since the industry is so dynamic, who knows what materials, fabrics, and garments we will have in the upcoming days.

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