Buying Premium Quality Range Hoods: 6 Features You Can Customize


You may not know this, but cooking can harm your health and the health of those who live with you. It’s, therefore, important that your kitchen has the right ventilation systems to make sure no one gets sick from inhaling smoke and food particles that might be in the air. 

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A quality range hood that comes with several customizable features can make cooking a much easier and safer process. 

That said, here are some of the top features we recommend you look for when purchasing new premium-quality range hoods:

1. The Color

If you’re buying a range hood for your home, then it’s important that you choose one that can fit in with its setting. To do this effectively, you must choose the color of your range hood carefully. 

A range of hoods come in muted shades such as white, gray, or beige, while others come in bright colors such as red, blue, or purple. You can also choose a range of matte colors to blend in with your kitchen’s décor. 

2. The Finish

When it comes to finishing your new range hood, you can choose from a range of materials, such as stainless steel, which happens to be one of the most popular choices because it looks great and is also durable. 

You can also go for copper, black or white plastic, or a composite finish. The only thing you need to remember when choosing the finish is that it must match the finish of your kitchen’s cabinets. 

3. The Type of Hood

The type of range hood you choose will depend on your kitchen’s layout and whether it has a large or small opening for a range. It can be either a freestanding unit or a wall-hung one. You can even choose a ceiling-mounted range hood so that it’s more easily manageable. 

4. Its Size 

The size of the hood will also determine how much space you need behind your range. You can choose from a range of sizes that go from 10 to 30 inches in width. If you have a large family or many guests, you may want to look for a range hood with a width of 36 inches.

5. The Material

As Premium quality range hoods are continuously exposed to high temperatures, it’s important that you buy one that’s made of a heat-resistant material. You can go for a range hood made of stainless steel, copper, or an aluminum composite material. You can also go for a stainless steel range hood coated with ceramic or enamel paint. 

6. The Lighting

If you do most of your cooking at night or the kitchen has poor natural light, you might struggle with visibility in your cooking space. However, you can equip your hood with lighting to counter this issue. 

A well-illuminated cooktop means you’ll be less likely to make errors as you prepare meals for your loved ones.

In Conclusion

If you cook for a large group of people regularly, then it’s important that your kitchen has enough space and is equipped with the right appliances, such as a range hood. However, before making your purchase, you must consider the above mentioned features.

This way, you can narrow down on premium quality range hoods that fit your style and need to effectively keep your kitchen safe, hygienic, and well-ventilated. 

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