Can You Mix CBD and Alcohol Together?


CBD and alcohol are an essential part of most people’s lifestyles and are incomparable. Both CBD and alcohol result in feelings of relaxation among its consumers. However, while the negative effects of alcohol are well known, the best CBD oil lacks any adverse side effects. So, can you mix alcohol and CBD? In this article, we will examine the effects and interactions of alcohol and CBD when mixed.

Effects of CBD Gummies and Alcohol

One of the recent trends among CBD enthusiasts is taking gummies with alcohol. Although the research into this trend is in the early stages, here are some well-known effects of CBD gummies and alcohol.

  • CBD gummies can increase intoxication levels

CBD and alcohol interact with the nervous system to bring mental relaxation. CBD gummies and alcohol can also intensify alcohol-induced fatigue. Users acknowledge feeling sluggish and sleepy after combining wine and CBD. Studies note that mixing CBD and alcohol might help get you drunk faster.

  • CBD gummies may lower alcohol-related nausea

CBD gummies can enhance the positive effects of alcohol and decrease its negative effects. Nausea and vomiting result when you drink too much alcohol. Studies note that taking CBD-based gummies can relieve nausea and vomiting sensations from alcohol. However, research into this field is still in the early stages and one must not use CBD for this purpose.  

  • CBD gummies may lower blood alcohol levels

Individuals with high blood alcohol concentrations face a severe risk of alcohol poisoning. According to research, mixing CBD gummies and alcohol can reduce blood alcohol levels. CBD gummies help relax blood vessels after alcohol consumption, thus reducing the rate of alcohol concentration in the body.

  • CBD gummies may reduce the drinking urge in an alcoholic

When alcohol becomes an addiction, your body always has an urge to consume it. CBD is a great remedy that can reduce the severe urge to always drink alcohol. Several studies note that CBD-infused gummies can reduce the urge to drink alcohol. While these studies are inconclusive, the field of CBD also shows many promises.

CBD and Alcohol Interactions

CBD and alcohol can interact even if you take them within several hours of each other. This means that if you consume alcohol during dinner and take CBD dab before bed, both compounds will still interact.  

CBD and alcohol can provide bodily relaxation, which means mixing them can provide strong and long-lasting effects. CBD provides chill, lighthearted, and mellow effects. When you combine it with alcohol, these effects become more intense.

Taking high doses of CBD and alcohol leads to a potentiated effect that’s greater than the effect of either alone. The interaction of CBD and alcohol leads to greater intoxication, loss of control, inhibition, and motor coordination which is detrimental to health.

Bottom Line

If you want to mix CBD and alcohol, you can start with low doses to see how they react with your body. If you want to use CBD for your overall health, it could be worth reducing alcohol consumption and replacing booze with your favorite CBD products, for example made by Lazarus Naturals.

Michael Levin is a CBD enthusiast, a researcher, writer and editor in the cannabis space, experienced CBD user and educator. He believes CBD can help improve our overall health and wellbeing.

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