Chrissy Cunningham: Bio, Personality, Relationships, Family, and more

Chrissy Cunningham

Chrissy Cunningham is a young girl’s character in the Netflix series, “Stranger Things” which was played by an American actress, Grace Van Dien. She was a popular personality at her high school and was also the head of the school’s cheerleader group. Chrissy has a very kind heart and soul but she always stays in depression due to her mother’s abuse towards her. 

Her sudden and unnatural death left every other person struck in horror.  

Who Is Chrissy Cunningham

Christina Elizabeth Cunninghan is the real name of Chrissy Cunningham. She was an American, a native of Hawkins, Indiana, US. Chrissy was also denoted by other names in the series like Chris( by his boyfriend) and the Queen of Hawkins High. She was very famous in her school because of her performance and cheerleading quality. 

She was a patient of depression which was gifted to her by her own mother as she abuse Chrissy, emotionally. Chrissy started to deal with mental issues like self-image stemming and her depression reached extreme heights when she began to see disturbing and disorienting hallucinations. This also played a major role in her horrifying and unnatural death because at last, she didn’t be able to understand, what was happening to her. She kept thinking that those horrifying things were just happening to her because of her depression. 

Chrissy Cunningham Age, Appearance, and Personality

Chrissy Cunningham was just a 17 or 18 years old girl, at the time of her death. She celebrates her birthday on the 13th of June and her birth year might be 1967 or 1968. The young girl stands at 5 feet and 3 inches with blue eyes and strawberry-blonde hair. 

Chrissy holds a very special, unique, and unpredictable personality. When you saw her first, she’ll resemble a super happy girl who is cheerleading at the Hawkins but when you’ll take a deeper look into her, a dark, unhappy, and depressed person will evoke. But she always manages to hide these traits from her friends. 

Her personality was spoiled by her mother, who always be harsh on her due to which Chrissy developed an eating disorder. 

She was a kind soul, who never judge anyone from their visible features but, she always thinks about their inner soul and then acts accordingly. 

Chrissy Cunningham Early Life and Education

Chrissy Cunningham was born Christina Elizabeth Cunningham into the family of Laura Cunningham and Phillip Cunningham who were residents of Hawkins, Indiana, US. She has a younger brother, whose name was not described in the series. 

Chrissy has a very weird relationship with her family. Her father barely to her or to any other member of her family. Her mother was the dominant human of the house who dictate every act of the house and of course, of its members as well. 

Laura’s behavior with Chrissy was very abusive due to which, Chrissy suffers, mentally and emotionally and she also developed an eating disorder and self-image stemming problems. But her father, Phillip neither intrudes nor consoles Chrissy for once. 

Chrissy spent a very dark unhappy, and unilluminated childhood. But when she enrolled in Hawkins High School, she got some ray of hope and happiness. She got the chance to show her inner talent and happiness. She became the head of the school’s cheerleaders. 

Chrissy Cunningham Relationships

During Chrissy’s high school, she met a guy, Jason Carver, who was the star member of the basketball team of Hawkins. They started to date each other. 

Chrissy and Jason shared a healthy and loving relationship in the beginning days. But as time passed, their relationship started to become hollow and that was the reality of their love. Chrissy never shared any of her struggles or depression with Jason. 

Due to Jason’s disregarded behavior and to calm her depressed mind, she even started to take drugs from a boy named Eddie Munson.

Chrissy Cunningham and Eddie Munson

Eddie Munson and Chrissy’s first meet-up was at the Hawkins High School’s talent show where Eddie performed with his music band and Chrissy did her cheerleading act. But at that time, they didn’t talk with each other on the other hand, Chrissy developed a thought process that Eddie is a very selfish and attitude guy. And after that, they never meet in school.

Days after that event, they again met in a forest and at that time Eddie was a drug seller for Chrissy. He was shocked by seeing Chrissy at his place and he even hinted to not give drugs to her but she ended up to made him sell them to her. 

The relationship between Chrissy and Eddie was a very hidden relation of love, affection, respect, and care and both of them hesitate to show it. 

Chrissy Cunningham Death

Chrissy died on 21st March 1986 in the forest in the van of Eddie Munson. The reason for her death was the curse of Venca and Chrissy was the first victim of that unnatural creature. 

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