Frequently Asked Questions About Motorcycle Accident Claims


A motorcycle accident is one of life’s most challenging and disturbing moments. The victim will face numerous emotional, financial, and physical challenges following the crash. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of all the basics regarding the accident and claim process so that you have all the information for making the best out of the situation. Sherman Oaks personal injury attorney provides all the necessary legal information relevant to the case.

  1. What is the role of accident attorneys in the claim process?

If you have been a motorcycle crash victim, you should seek professional guidance from motorcycle attorneys only. However, it is crucial to ensure that the attorney you choose has the required knowledge and expertise. Make sure to check their credentials and years of experience before hiring them. You deserve to have the best legal representative that ensures all your rights are protected and works in the best of your interests. Make sure to use all the resources available on the Internet to find a suitable legal attorney. You can also ask for referrals from your friends and loved ones. 

Before finalizing a lawyer, make sure to get an initial consultation to check if you and your potential attorney have similar values and end goals. A lawyer does way more than just give technical advice regarding legal matters. They also help prepare the case and assess the accident to decide the worth of your claim. Along with that, they negotiate with the liable insurance providers to ensure that their clients get the deserved amount of compensation for recovering all the losses resulting from the accident.

  1. Is it possible to recover the losses resulting from a lane-splitting accident?

Lane splitting refers to accidents in which a motorcycle rider gets between two lanes of traffic divided by the white lane. This facilitates motorcyclists to get away from slow-moving drivers and get through traffic easily. However, this is not legalized in some states despite its helpful feature. 

If you have been a victim of a lane-splitting crash, you may be entitled to see compensation from the defendant through insurance claims or lawsuits if you do not get a suitable settlement offer. However, if you share some level of fault in the crash by committing unlawful activities, you may not receive the same compensation.

If you get into a motorcycle accident, ensure to speak to a lawyer and understand your legal options!

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