With the sinking numbers of Covid-19 patients it has become normal to travel. Many people are relieved and cannot wait to book a new vacation to peacefully play slot games. But although they are excited, some of them still do not know how to behave in a hotel. 

Respect and decency play a key role here. Vacation is starting and finally, you can just put your feet up and let others do the work for you. Even though the hotel staff’s job is to give you a fantastic stay, they are still human beings who want to be treated with respect. So take these tips to heart and remember them on your next hotel vacation. 

1. take breakfast to the hotel room

Just fill up your plate in the dining room and then go to your room. This behavior is not at all appropriate and is not welcome in the hotel. If you want to have breakfast in your room, you can ask at the reception if the hotel offers room service, and for an extra charge, breakfast will be delivered directly to your room.

2. confuse the hotel with a bazaar

Just before you want to check in at the hotel, you discover an offer that is much cheaper than the one you booked. Do not try to negotiate at the reception desk and get a better offer. Not only is this very unpleasant, but the receptionist is usually not authorized to make such decisions.

By the way, if you book on the hotel site itself and not through third-party providers, in most cases you will automatically get the best price.

3. smoking, although you are in a non-smoking room

Most hotel rooms are absolutely non-smoking and that is exactly what should be respected. So save all the possible tricks to make the smoke smell disappear and just go outside or book a smoking room right away. If the hotel notices that you are smoking in the room, even though it is strictly forbidden, you can expect a fine of between 200 and 400 euros.

4. complain if certain things are not available

When booking the hotel, it is mainly described and listed quite precisely what the hotel room offers and what it does not. Complaining during your stay that, for example, a kettle is missing is unfair to the hotel staff. Then to demand that missing equipment be added makes you anything but popular at the hotel.

Therefore, it is always worthwhile to check before booking exactly what equipment the hotel room offers, so as not to experience a nasty surprise on the spot.

5. let the bathrobe go with you

After your stay, towels, bathrobes, or other items end up in your suitcase? With this action, you not only make yourself punishable but also risk a high hotel bill, which will be due with your next credit card statement. However, there is nothing wrong with small shampoo samples or soap as a souvenir.

Respect and decorum: The rules in the hotel have to be followed.

It does not take much to endear yourself to the hotel staff. Do not treat the staff with condescension, but think of them more than friends who want nothing more than to give you a great vacation. So never forget, you are only a guest in the hotel, and therefore it is only natural that you show respect and manners towards other people’s property, even if you have paid for it.

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