How To Clean Guns At Home? 


Hunting is an elite sport in some parts of the world as it is the oldest tradition alive today. For our ancestors, hunting provided food, water, shelter, and even clothes; the basic human survival was out of hunting. But today, owning a gun can be a testing task, requiring immense care and a safety license. Cleaning and maintaining the guns increases safety and reduces the risk factor when operating them. It can minimize accidental discharge and prevent any unusual noises that come out when you pull the trigger. 

Knowing simple tips and tricks can save you from a hole in your pocket as you can use general household items to clean gun and keep them ready for your use. Sometimes, investing in extravagant cleaning kits becomes difficult. Learning to clean the gun with items available in the house can make your job simple and easy. 

Preparations Before The Cleaning Day:

  1. Make sure that all the guns are kept safely. Unload them a day before and check them once again when you hold them for cleaning. It is a big deal as accidents can occur unannounced if the guns are not unloaded while cleaning, however careful you are. 
  1. Choose a free and open space in your house; say, your garden, backyard, or terrace. Make sure you lay a spreadsheet on the floor to make the surface flat and place all your firearms. Spread your DIY cleaning kit and work on the guns one by one. Setting this up beforehand will save you time and effort and reduce the chances of any risk that comes with guns. 
  1. Removing all the ammunition from your gun and around it is a safe way to go with the process. 

What Items Will You Need?

Cleaning the guns at home is an easy job. It is simple and makes the process smooth by ensuring you don’t have to run to the store at the last minute only to realize you are spending vast amounts on cleaning kits. Some household items to clean guns are as follows:


Kerosene is our word-to-mouth solution for everything around the house, and it is impossible to neglect it regarding firearm maintenance. It is a vital and reliable source of getting rid of impurities, whether on guns or the door handles in your homes. 

With its oil-like consistency, kerosene is a perfect cleaning agent for the guns as it maintains the shine without compromising the dirt and pollutants on the guns’ surface and body. Choosing a 1-K type is better as 2-K can be strong, and people often want to resist the smell of kerosene. 

Transmission Oil:

Transmission oil might not be a generally available item, but if you are fond of guns, you know that it helps maintain your weapons. It acts as an excellent lubricant to keep the gun parts in proper condition as it fights carbon impurities often found in bulk inside the cannon parts. 

Apart from guns, it can help you in various maintenance tasks at home, and you will do well having one bottle at home handy. This is often used to clean the inside parts of the gun filled with deeper impurities. 

Mineral Spirits:

Mineral spirits or rubbing alcohol is a common name in every household. For guns, these chemicals act as a cleaning solution for any indelible stains oil may leave on the weapon’s body. Using these, you can easily wipe off the grease from the kerosene and clean your grip on the gun. 


Cleaning a gun has many benefits as it increases safety levels while reducing the chances of accidents with these weapons. And keeping your gun clean with simple household items can reduce the cost of owning the ammunition. 

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