Masterchef Controversies That Kept the Audience Hooked!


It was only a couple of decades ago that culinary terms or exotic recipes were topics of conversation among the elite groups of diners. Thanks to food television, chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Matt Moran have become household names. Ordinary home cooks have started cooking what they see on screen, alongside using a glossary of culinary lingo. People love watching cooking reality shows just not for the recipes but also for the drama. One such show that has successfully spotted the #1 position in the cooking genre is MasterChef. While the battles, surprises, spontaneity, and reactions make this show a great watch, there’s something else that people crave – MasterChef controversy!

Aired in multiple territories, MasterChef has now become a staple show of most households. And that’s why the controversial moments of the show including the onscreen conflicts and backstage dramas have become a new piece of interest for the audience. Be it from the judges, contestants, or the dishes, MasterChef has some of the juiciest scandals across the globe. Looking to know the biggest scandals and controversies cooked by MasterChef? Look no further and keep reading as this blog has some of the most controversial MasterChef dishes to share!

#1. Killing Animals Onscreen

No matter how good a chef you are, MasterChef Kitchen will ensure to make you deal with something that you have never done before. This was true in the Sheetal Bhagat case. In one of the 2010 episodes of MasterChef, contestants were given the task to kill a live crab. To this, Sheetal Bhagat, a Hindu devout showed utter discomfort. She disclosed that killing a soulful living thing was against her religion’s morals which is why she cannot do it. Her discomfort was so apparent that host Gordon Ramsay offered to kill the crab for her. But, Sheetal finally refused to take any help and decided to complete the task on her own. By the end of the round, Sheetal was one of the top 3 contestants. However, she lost it for not sticking to her morals and beliefs.

#2. Judges Accused of Harassment

In 2013, a former contestant named Marie Porter revealed in a blog post that her friends on the show were sexually and physically harassed by the producers and judges. She claimed that such events build depression and suicidal thoughts in the contestants. Furthermore, she stated that one contestant was harassed so badly that she was completely edited out of the show. Soon, her allegations gained support from other contestants like Carrie Stevens. However, the production company, Shine America, denied the claims of harassment and stated that MasterChef contestants are treated with utmost respect and professionalism. What happened after this, we will never know, isn’t it? 

#3. Stealing Another Contestant’s Idea

An immunity challenge on one of the 2017 Masterchef episodes tasked two contestants to use prawns and shrimp paste in a dish. Sarah Tiong and Ben Devlin were the competitors. When Sarah Tiong decided to grill the prawns on an open flame and shared the idea with her competitor, Ben appreciated her idea and then went on to copy it himself. This raged the viewers as Devlin wasn’t called out for it. On top of that, he won the challenge by one point. Although Masterchef’s official Twitter called out Devlin for copying Sarah’s idea, MasterChef did not take any step to address this situation. This MasterChef controversy grabbed online attention and became a topic of discussion as people expected the production company to release some statements on it. 

#4. Judges Blasted For Showing Ignorance

In 2018, MasterChef UK judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace were blasted for criticizing Malaysian-born contestant Zaleha Kadir Olpin’s not-so-crispy Chicken Rendang. Furthermore, they also pointed out that there was no sauce on the skin. Typically, this traditional Malaysian dish is cooked with flavorful and creamy coconut sauce, thus it’s more like a stew. Watching the judges’ reactions raged the international viewers and journalists who showed their disgust on multiple social media platforms. Viewers claimed this showed the judges’ ignorance of international cuisine and that they don’t have any idea of cuisine outside their wheelhouse. On top of all, the worst part of this situation was that Olpin was eliminated that round. Although she constantly defended herself stating that she stood by her traditional cuisine, the judges didn’t listen to any of her words. 

Bottom Line

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