Postscript Raised $35M Funding for SMS Service to Shopify Stores

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Postscript is a venture enabling stores on Shopify to stay connected to customers through SMS capabilities and the emphasis is on spam-free and legal operations. The company first raised $4.5 million by end 2019 and it has now raised $35 million in its Series B funding round as per greylock yckumparaktechcrunch. The company has witnessed swift growth in recent months with 3,500 clients and 61 professionals on board. The company has also scaled up its future vision for their product. It was initially meant to be a one-way model for broadcasting, enabling stores on Shopify to market to their existing clientele. They are now looking to foray into two-way operations, giving customers the ability to execute reviews via SMS, manage subscriptions, and also take care of re-ordering.

Postscript is exclusively compatible with stores on Shopify while they are developing an API for enabling integration into other plugins on Shopify. They are still focused on merchants on Shopify at the moment. The co-founder at Postscript, Alex Beller, states that the company is focusing exclusively on Shopify stores at the moment which is one of its pus points since it goes to a deeper level with its data and also the entire shopping ecosystem, meaning slight advantages in many ways. He also added that the platform is growing swiftly in the e-commerce sector and the company feels that it is already in a good position to leverage these trends. The December 2019 round of funding was for seed capital while co-founder Adam Turner has stated that the company has skipped its Series A funding round, while having structured the current fund-raise as a Series B round, led by investors like Greylock and YC along with Ali Capital, 1984vc, Elephant VC, Larry Fizgerald, and others. Partners at Greylock, Mike Duboe and Sarah Guo, will become new board members at Postscript as part of the latest funding round.

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