The Top Run-Scorers In World Cup History: Charismatic Players


The 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup was already going on, and it was one of the most exciting tournaments in the event’s history. On May 30, England and Wales hosted the first game of the 12th World Cup, which was between England and South Africa. In the past few years, English tracks have been flat and haven’t given bowlers much help. Scores of 350 or more have been common in games in recent years. Also, the teams trying to catch them have done well.

According to icc world cup news, Sachin Tendulkar, an Indian player who retired in 2013, holds the record for the most runs ever scored in the 2019 Cricket World Cup. He is the best batter who is expected to play in the 2019 World Cup. Chris Gayle is in 22nd place with 944 runs, so this is likely his last World Cup.

  • 1979 – Gordon Greenidge (WI)  –

In 1979, the World Cup was held again, using the same format as the previous tournament. In the 1979 Prudential World Cup, Gordon Greenidge of the West Indies had the most runs. When he played for the West Indies, he scored 253 runs.

  • 1983 – David Gower (Eng)   –

David Gower of England had the most runs at the third Cricket World Cup. David Gower got 384 runs in 7 games. He got two scores of fifty or more in the competition.

When England lost to India in the semi-finals, they were out of the competition. The West Indian Viv Richards scored 367, which wasn’t too far behind David Gower’s 377.

  • 1987 – Graham Gooch (Eng)   –

The first Cricket World Cup was held in India instead of England. It was the fourth time the event had been held. In 1987, Pakistan and India were in charge of the ICC World Cup.

England won the ICC World Cup in 1987, and Graham Gooch, who played for England, had the most runs in the tournament. He scored 471 runs in just 8 games. Gooch hit a total of 103 fifty-point hits. He was a big reason why England made it to the final game of the tournament. Australia beat England in the 1987 World Cup final by a score of 7 runs.

  • 1992 – Martin Crowe (NZ)

In 1992, the World Cup was held in Australia and New Zealand. New Zealand made it to the finals, but they lost to Pakistan, who ended up winning the tournament. Martin Crowe, who was the captain of the New Zealand cricket team in 1992, had the most runs.

Martin Crowe won the race with a total of 456 runs. Crowe had a great season. He got a hundred and four scores of fifty or more.

  • 1996 – Sachin Tendulkar (Ind) –

In 1996, the World Cup was held in Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka. During the sixth World Cup, the world got its first real look at the Indian cricket team, which went on to win 15 straight World Cups.

Sachin Tendulkar won the race with a total of 523 runs. In the seven games he played, he scored 2,350 points. Sri Lanka beat India at Eden Gardens in Kolkata to move on to the first semifinal.

India had a great chance to win the World Cup and bring the trophy home, but Mohammad Azharuddin’s team broke under the pressure.

  • 1999  – Rahul Dravid (Ind)

In 1999, the World Cup was played for the seventh time. Most of the games were held in England, but some were also in Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and the Netherlands.

Indian fans didn’t have much to cheer about during the 1999 World Cup, but Rahul Dravid scored 461 runs in only eight games, making him the tournament’s top run scorer.

After beating Pakistan badly in London, Australia won the World Cup for the second time.

  • 2003 – Sachin Tendulkar (Ind)   

Again, an Indian player won the most goals in a tournament. This time, it was the World Cup. The way India and Sachin Tendulkar played in the 2003 ICC World Cup will be remembered for a long time. The small master’s strength was at an all-time high, so he easily hit every ball that was thrown at him.

Sachin Tendulkar scored 673 runs in 11 games, giving him the most runs in the tournament. Sachin Tendulkar scored 98 not out of 75 balls in a thrilling World Cup game against Pakistan. Tendulkar was the only batter who could beat the bowlers by using different strokes.

It seemed like India’s success was going to happen anyway. Australia beat them in the championship game. But a star-studded Australian team won the 2003 ICC World Cup final by a huge 125 runs, putting an end to the celebration. This was their second World Cup win in a row.

  • 2007 – Matthew Hayden (Aus) –

In 2007, the ICC World Cup was held in the West Indies. There were a total of 51 games in the ninth World Cup. Matthew Hayden of Australia won the event by getting 659 runs in 11 games. In the 2007 ICC World Cup, the left-handed destroyer had an amazing strike rate of 101.07. He hit three centuries and one fifty.

The team called “Baggy Green” won the 9th World Cup. Ricky Ponting’s team won the tournament for the third year in a row and the fourth time overall by beating Sri Lanka in the finals.

  • 2011 – Tillakaratne Dilshan (SL) –

The World Cup was held for the tenth time in India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. Fourteen people took part in a total of 49 matches. Around the world, almost 2.2 billion people watched the 2011 ICC World Cup.

Tillakaratne Dilshan of Sri Lanka had the most runs at the 2011 World Cup. After 9 games, he had scored 500 runs. After 28 years, India finally won the World Cup. They beat Sri Lanka by 6 wickets.

Sachin Tendulkar played in the World Cup for the last time. He came in second, behind Tillkaratne Dilshan, with a score of 482.

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