Top Careers for Masters in Graphic Design


Masters in Graphic Design or more popularly known as MA or Masters of Arts in Graphic design is a 2-year master’s degree program, consisting of 4 semesters. Candidates pursuing this course, secure in-depth knowledge in the graphic designing field. For anyone, coming from areas like fine arts, interior design, architecture, and design, the course in graphic design will be the perfect suit for them.

To pursue a master’s in graphic design degree, you need to satisfy the minimum eligibility criteria of gaining a bachelor’s degree with aggregate marks of 50% and above. Certainly, you also need to satisfy the attendance management software when you pursue this course, so you get accredited being a Graphic Designer.

Candidates pursuing the degree of master’s in graphic design can secure employment in several sectors like the gaming industry, designing firms, television, animation, film industry, fashion companies, and many more. Not only a candidate with this degree gets eligible to secure a job in multiple sectors, but most of the professions that they secure with this degree are high-paying.

It is estimated that the average salary of a person having a degree of MA in Graphic Design is INR 4.15 lakhs per annum. Check out the top careers you can attain, with the same in the sections below.

Graphic Designer

Certainly, the top job option to opt for with the degree of master in graphic design is Graphic Designer. Graphic designers are responsible for creating visual concepts and using computers or by hand for communicating ideas that inspire captivate as well as inform their customers. They are also engaged in developing the overall layout along with the production design for applications like brochures, advertisements, reports, magazines, etc. It is a well-known as well as a high-paying job, having an average annual salary of INR 5.81 lakhs per annum.

Web Designer

One of the most popular as well as highly demanding and paying jobs in the present era, which candidates can secure with a master’s in graphic design degree is web designer. Web designers are engaged in planning, creating as well as coding internet sites along with web pages. These can include pictures, video clips, graphics, texts with sounds, etc. Their prime work is to create the design along with the layout of web pages. The average salary of a web designer in India is nearly INR 3 lakhs per annum.


One of the dream job options which can be secured with this degree is an animator. You can find various animator courses online which will make you a professional in this field when you clear the fee management system, but a postgraduate degree in graphic design will make you a master in this field in terms both theoretically and practically. Animators primarily produce multiple images known as frames that are sequenced together for forming an illusion of movement, known as animation. The average salary of an animator in India is INR 3.27 lakhs per annum.

Design Manager

Another great option to go for, with the degree of masters in graphic design is Design manager. These professionals are also known as design coordinators or design building managers, who are engaged in coordinating all the design matters which is related to a particular project assisting to ensure that the multi-disciplinary teams which construct the project together, have a smooth process and everything in this work is delivered within the budget as well as on time. The average salary of a design manager in India is INR 4.28 lakhs per annum.

Picture Editor

Another unique profession to opt for with the degree of master in graphic design is picture editor. Picture editors are also considered photo editors, and these professionals are engaged in collecting as well as reviewing choosing photographs or even collecting photo illustrations for publication in alignment with the preset guidelines.

There are various skills that are needed to shine in this profession including creativity and artistic mindset, knowledge of photography techniques and photo editing software tools, leadership and motivational skills, etc. The average salary of a picture editor in India is INR 4.19 lakhs per annum.

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