Ways To Keep Your Patio Cool In The Heat


Colorful pillows add a cozy feel to your outdoor space. Throw them over the benches and chairs for extra warmth. Or, place them on the bench’s seat to keep your body away from the cold structure. By incorporating warm decor, you’ll not only make your patio more comfortable, but you’ll also get a psychological benefit. To store your decorative accessories, consider buying weather-proof bins or baskets.

Plants Provide A Cooling Effect

Using plants on patios and porches can help you beat the heat, as they provide shade and cooling effect. They also add beauty to the space. Some houseplants come in clay pots, which can help absorb heat and add moisture to the air. Shade from trees is also beneficial, as they provide shade and cool moisture.

Adding shade from trees is especially helpful during the summer months, when temperatures can rise very high. Deciduous plants can also help manage the heat coming in through windows, doors, and roofs. Deciduous plants will also protect evergreens from harsh winter sun. Choose plants that can tolerate heat well. Yellow bells and fairy duster are two examples of large evergreens that are great for patios.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans to keep your patio cool in the summer are great options to keep your patio cool. Depending on the size of your patio, you can use one of these fans to circulate cool air under the patio roof, or you can use portable fans. Portable fans are usually standing fans that you can place outside the patio. This helps move air around the patio area and can also draw in fresh air from nearby areas.

Ceiling fans for patios can be found in a variety of styles. Some of the best options for patio ceiling fans are modern and contemporary. If you want a more rustic look, you can opt for a ceiling fan with a more traditional style. A galvanized iron ceiling fan, for instance, has a retro design and is rated for outdoor use. It also has a reversible motor and can be controlled by a remote control. Some fans have a downrod mount, so you can adjust it according to the height of your patio ceiling. Several different finishes are available, including two-tone brown and matte black. 

You can also add a small bed on the patio with a cotton or sateen blanket of right size for resting. 


If you’re concerned about heat-related problems while enjoying your patio, you can use a pergola to provide shade. However, you should consider the following tips before installing a pergola. First, the pergola’s structure should not move too much. Second, the pergola should be sturdy and durable. Third, you can take care of its maintenance yourself or hire a contractor.

Pergolas are a great way to provide shade in hot weather and add curb appeal to your home. These structures can be equipped with louvered roofs that allow you to enjoy sun and shade when you like. These roofs can be opened or closed with a push of a button.

Retractable Awnings

During the heat of the day, a retractable awning can help you stay cool. They have gas-filled telescopic arms that can push or pull the awning in either direction. These systems are inexpensive and require little maintenance. In addition to keeping you cool, they can also save you money on your energy bill.

Retractable awnings help reduce the amount of energy you need to use to cool your home. They prevent heat from entering your home through the windows and doors, which can be very hot in the heat. Consequently, you’ll save on energy bills while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint. Furthermore, retractable awnings help you control the amount of light coming into your home. This makes them an excellent choice for rooms with high heat.

In addition to keeping your patio cool during the heat, retractable awnings can also help you keep your furniture and materials protected from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. In addition, these awnings can be used to light up your patio at night. If you need more lighting, you can hang lights from the awning or put stringing lights in the patio. If you need more information, contact a retractable awning company in your area to get a customized consultation.

Outdoor Rugs

Adding oversized outdoor rugs to your patio can help keep the area cooler during the hot summer months. However, you must keep in mind that they need to be properly cleaned before they can be used on your patio. To do this, you can use warm water and a mild detergent. Mix the solution and allow it to soak for five minutes before rinsing it thoroughly. Once the cleaning process is complete, flip the rug over to dry it thoroughly on both sides.

You can also dry outdoor rugs by letting them dry naturally on sunny days. In addition, you can use a hose to hose them off and allow them to air dry before putting them back on the patio. It is also important to choose a rug that is made of 100 percent polypropylene. This material was invented after Americans lost their taste for baloney and meat processing plants needed a material to replace it. It should also be UV stabilized and weather-resistant.


Keeping your patio cool is important, especially in the summer. If you have a brick or stone patio, you know that it can get very hot. You want to keep your patio as cool as possible to avoid damage.

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