What to Do When Your Betta Fish Gets Its Tail Bitten?


Bettas are territorial creatures. If you house them together, or one of them gets placed in a smaller container than the others, they will fight. Fighting can result in all kinds of injuries – including tail biting. When your betta fish gets its tail bitten, it’s an indication that your pet is not happy with its living arrangements and is letting you know about it. Tail biting often happens when a betta feels like it doesn’t have a choice but to defend its territory. However, if this happens frequently even after altering their housing arrangements, it might be time to get new fish. Keep reading to learn what to do when your betta gets its tail bitten…

What is Tail Biting?

If one betta fish bites another betta fish’s tail off, we call it tail biting. Tail biting is a form of damage that occurs as a result of aggressive fighting among betta fish. It can happen in several ways. When two betta fish are trying to establish territory, they may nip at each other, which can lead to a fish developing a fin rot infection. When a betta fish is under attack, it may try to swim away by flapping its fins. In the process, one betta may get another betta fish’s fin or tail in its mouth and bite it off. When one betta fish is chasing another, it might get its mouth on the other betta fish’s fin; it will then bite the fin off so it can catch its target.

How to Tell if Your Betta is Tail Biting

You can tell if your betta fish is tail-biting by looking at the fins. Small nips or tears on the fins are a good indication that your betta fish is biting the fins of other bettas. If you see tears on the fins of several fish, it may be a sign that they are fighting; if you find one betta fish with tears on its fins, it could be a sign that its tail is biting. If you notice bite marks on the tails of betta fish, your fish likely is tail biting. Look for bite marks on the tails of all the fish in your tank. If you notice bite marks on the tails of only one or two fish, it could be a sign that those fish are tail biting.

Possible Causes of Tail Biting in Bettas

– Environmental Stress – Environmental stress is one of the most common reasons why betta fish bite each other. When you are introducing new bettas to your tank, you need to monitor your fish to see if they get along.

– Crowding – Overcrowding is another reason why betta fish may bite each other. When your bettas are too cramped, they are going to get aggressive. If a betta feels like it doesn’t have anywhere to go, it may become territorial and bite its tank mates.

– Wrong Betta Fish Species – If you have other fish species in your tank with bettas, your bettas may bite their tails. Betta fish species are aggressive towards other fish species.

– Betta Fish in Wrong Tank – Bettas should stay in one-gallon tanks, but when you place them in smaller containers, they can become territorial and bite other bettas.

– Another Betta Fish is Too Large – When you have two male bettas in a tank, you need to make sure that both bettas are the same size. If one betta is much larger than the other, it can become territorial and start biting the smaller betta’s tail.

Strategies for When Your Betta Gets its Tail Bitten

– Create an Appropriate Environment – When your betta fish gets its tail bitten, you need to make some changes to your fish tank to encourage your bettas to get along. You can create a better environment in your tank by reducing crowding, providing hiding places, and maintaining a clean tank.

– Separate Aggressive Bettas – If you notice tail biting in your tank, you need to separate the aggressive bettas. Place the aggressive bettas in a tank by themselves.

– Swap Out Betta Fish – If you have been keeping your bettas in a tank for a while and they still get aggressive, it might be time to get new fish.


Bettas are beautiful fish, and they make excellent pets. However, they do need to be cared for properly, and you need to be aware of the warning signs that your betta is unhappy and maybe biting the tails of other fish. If your betta gets its tail bitten, it is important to make the necessary changes to your fish tank so that your bettas can live in harmony once again.

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