Why Is The Market For THC-O Expanding Every day?


Our body has many systems, such as the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. A lesser-known system in the body is the Endocannabinoid system, the ECS. But why are we talking about the system here? It is because cannabinoids play a fundamental role in influencing the system to help with various conditions. The system comprises a network of receptors, which help regulate cognitive processes, fertility, pre and post-natal processes, appetite, pain management, mood, and many other essential body processes. THC O being a cannabinoid, also helps the body by influencing the receptors in the ECS.

This article will shed light on THC-O, a trendy new cannabinoid taking the market by storm. We would learn what the cannabinoid is, why the market is pouring over it, safety precautions when using it, and whether or not it is legal in the USA.

Learn About THC-O

THC-O, also known as THC-O_acetate, is an acetate ester of the cannabinoid THC. People who were a part of the Edgewood Arsenal Experiments found the compound anywhere between 1949 and 1975. It is a synthetic compound and isn’t hemp-driven, which most cannabinoids sold in the market are. Instead, manufacturers use acetic anhydride in the process of THC-O synthesis. The chemical is flammable, and people use it to produce explosives. Thus, handling the chemical is tough, and we urge no one to try producing THC-O at home.

Although there is a scarcity of data regarding its benefits, few research papers and people worldwide say that the synthetic cannabinoid may help with anxiety, pain management, stress, insomnia, etc. Yet, there has been a continuous increase in US citizens taking to the cannabinoid. So there must be some reason for it, right? So let’s check out the reasons.

Reason Why The Market For THC-O Is Expanding Every Day

A product must have many good points to expand its market quickly. We know that the compound may provide various benefits to different ailments. Now, we will not discuss those, but we will discuss other aspects like potency, availability, and things with which one may consume it. So, without further delay, let’s dive into the reasons.

●      Potency

Cannabinoids are potent compounds. People consume small amounts of it daily, which is enough benefit. But THC-O is different. Research says that it is more potent than THC alone, and the compound’s bioavailability is high. It means human bodies can absorb the compound faster than traditional THC. Thus, it usually takes around 20 to 30 mins for the effects of the cannabinoid to set in.

The effects include a sudden transition from the real world to a world of euphoria, altering the concepts of space and time. In other words, the high potency intoxicates the mind but increases sensory perceptions. However, according to sources, THC-O, if taken in a vaporized state, would take longer to show its effect than regular THC. It makes the product unique, which makes the product more popular.

●      Availability

The cannabinoid has become famous now. It is available in all popular cannabis outlets, both online and physical shops. One can find THC-O primarily in the form of gummies, but they are also available in vapes, oils, and other edibles. Its vape carts and disposable vapes are popular too. These carts come with either flavored e-liquids or unflavored ones that provide the raw taste of the cannabinoid. There are various laws for different states in America, which we will discuss in a separate section. The laws also challenge the availability of products containing cannabinoids.

●      Mix With Edibles

Recently, manufacturers have been selling THC-O-infused MCT oil, marketing the same as healthier than the original oil. They have now been mixing the cannabinoid into various other oils too. As discussed earlier, one can mix it inside gummies and enjoy it. However, when people consume it as edibles, the effects take longer because it takes time for the body to metabolize the compound. One should be aware of this so that one doesn’t over consume the product and suffer from effects caused due to overdosing. In addition, the multiple use cases allow the market to expand to beginners, further increasing the product’s popularity.

Is THC-O Safe?

For the sake of consumption, yes, THC-O is a safe compound. But it is hazardous for one to prepare it at home. It has properties of corrosion, if not handled professionally. A section of highly intellectual people may try to emulate its manufacturing process. We highly discourage that because of the use of acetic anhydride.

After the approval of the Farm Bill, hemp-driven cannabinoids were made legal in the USA. The government laid several conditions such as that cultivators should have a license to cultivate hemp, and products should contain less than 0.3% of THC by dried weight in the United States of America. But the compound’s legality is still unclear because different states in the USA have different laws. To the date of writing, 38 states have no legal issues over THC-O but a few states like Alaska, Arkansas, California, Idaho, Mississippi, Utah, etc., have regulations imposed. Therefore, it is best to check the local and state laws before buying any product.

The Bottom Line

Everything on this earth comes with its benefits and drawbacks. We have discussed why the THC-O market seems to be expanding rapidly. Before concluding, let’s know the side effects. Due to prolonged use, overuse, or not correctly using the cannabinoid, hallucinations, dizziness, paranoia, sedation, nausea, seizures, and cognitive disorders may occur. Overdosing may lead to chronic problems. Thus, it is best to know what one is consuming and whether one’s body will be able to handle it or not before venturing into the product.

We are not trying to frighten or discourage one from trying out the cannabinoid. On the contrary, there is no issue in trying out something, but becoming an addict and overusing it isn’t good. Thus, we would like people to use the products containing THC-O for the benefits and see for themselves whether or not the cannabinoid is helping them.

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