Your Child Has ADHD: How to Choose a Specialist


ADHD, one of the most common neurodevelopmental disorders observed in kids, sometimes lasts through adulthood. Individuals with ADHD have trouble concentrating and controlling impulsive behaviours or are known to be overly active. 

Seeking professional help while parenting a child with ADHD is much easier and boosts one’s confidence. In earlier days, hyperactive kids were ridiculed and ostracized for being “odd” or different from others. They were not categorized as ADHD victims. When a child is recognized to be different from others, they undergo diagnosis, rediagnosis, and multiple therapies, which is very good.

Children who have difficulty doing normal tasks at a normal pace are not taken for granted anymore. But for the parents, the world presents a whole new set of struggles when their child is diagnosed with ADHD. At this stage, a professional ADHD specialist is a lifesaver. Their recommendations are realistic and practical, which helps the parents think clearly and take better care of their child. Here we will guide you on how to contact an ADHD specialist and lead a happy life.

1. Starting point

The journey starts with the child’s primary health by a family doctor, paediatrician, or nurse. If the parent is worried about their child, they should stop the paediatrician, look them in the eye, and tell them why they are worried. They will help the parents contact the right specialist. A second opinion is needed if the parent feels they are not being listened to. 

2. Finding a specialist

Suppose the parent is repeatedly told not to worry about it. In that case, they should request a referral to a specialist in child development and behaviour, so their child can be fully evaluated. Depending on one’s financial situation and health insurance, the parent may prefer to independently locate a specialist or clinic and make the appointment themselves. The nearest children’s hospital or major university medical centre is a reliable place to look at. 

The parent should try networking if they’re looking for a recommendation to a certain type of specialist and their paediatrician cannot or does not provide one that satisfies them. Once the parent starts networking, they will discover a broad spectrum of help available. Some parents may aim more toward practical, everyday function, while others are more attuned to recognizing and diagnosing syndromes. The concerned parents can find experts in a school setting or medical centre, working alone or as part of a larger organization. rEPUTED ADHD clinic in Toronto provides early intervention (EI) programs and federally funded services for children with developmental needs in the first three years of life. 

The insurance company may insist on an EI evaluation before paying for another test for children under three. Others can pursue a school evaluation as it might help the parent gain more information or provide the insurance company with information for the claim. ADHD clinic Toronto is a place to be tension-free and guide parents and children with love and care. 

Bottom Line

If your child has ADHD, instead of worrying about the future, try to look for a reliable clinic that can provide you with the support and treatment you and your child need. All you need to do is know how to find the most trustworthy specialist for your child. 

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