What to Gift a Wine Lover?


When looking for a present for a wine lover, think beyond the bottle. There are plenty of unique gadgets, accessories, and wine gift baskets to consider. Here are the top seven fun, funky, and sophisticated wine-related gifts.

1. Coolie Cups

White wine fans and people who enjoy chilled beverages will appreciate a set of reusable coolie cups. Manufacturers infuse cooling gel into these cups’ walls. You store them in your freezer. When it’s time to enjoy a glass of chardonnay, riesling, or pinot grigio, pour it into one of these pre-chilled tumblers. It will stay cool significantly longer when compared to a traditional goblet.

2. Stopper

After opening a bottle of wine, the air quickly changes the liquid. The interaction can be helpful at first, but over time it might reduce the quality, flavor, or aroma. A wine stopper can help slow down the process. The tops of some whimsical plugs have hearts, balls, and other shapes perched on them. For a more traditional gift, look into vacuum stoppers. These devices draw air out of the bottle and seal it tight so that you can enjoy the wine over several days.

3. Decanter

Wines that have strong tannins can benefit from a bit of aeration. Designers have created decanters that hold sediments at the bottom while allowing air circulation. Decanters have distinct shapes. They typically have long necks and round bases. Robust red wines are best suited for this treatment.

4. Sangria Kit

When you infuse the wine with fresh fruits, spices, citrus juice, and soda water, it is called sangria. DIYers can create their own kit by pairing a white or red bottle with lemons, cinnamon sticks, orange juice, and soda water. To make the bundle more colorful and complex, add red apples, fresh cranberries, and whole star anise.

5. Cheese

Cheese and wine go together like milk and cookies. While some more popular cheeses are gouda and smoked cheddar, you can opt for whatever flavor profiles you prefer. To round out the snacking options, add sliced meats, flavored spreads, and crackers. If you want to go the easy, yet delicious route, wine gift baskets, such as those from Hickory Farms, take the guesswork out of the process, and to top it off they can be shipped right to your doorstep.

6. Charms

Wine charms are small rings that attach to the stems of wine glasses. When you have a party, they help your guests identify which drink is theirs. They are available in thousands of patterns and themes. If your friend likes going to the beach, there are sets made of palm trees, flamingos, seahorses, and pineapples. For more upscale options, look for glass beads or pewter figurines.

7. Apparel

For a light-hearted gift, pick out some wine-themed socks or t-shirts with clever quotes. If you have a friend who likes cooking or barbequing as much as they enjoy a glass of red or white, consider an apron. Because of the size ranges, you can give couples matching shirts. For added fun, throw in some wine-stain-removing towelettes.

When picking out a gift for this crowd, there are options for people who don’t have time to shop. Because of the variety available, you can pick from generic items when you are unsure of a person’s particular tastes or put together custom wine gift baskets.

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